• Sussie Rules football out of control.

    The recent incident in which a player from Hawthorn choked a gridder from North Melbourne was dealt with in poor fashion and leads this writer to believe that the sports condones this kind of behavior. Yes, this is and heavy contact sport, however, a four game suspension for such a violent act, an act that could be considered assault, is just a slap on the wrist and gives the sport a black eye.

  • Soccer Promotes Violence

    Although soccer itself is not a sport meant to hurt people, in a world that plays sport for profit, it promotes violence through the need for aggression to win. The adrenaline surge that athletes get from knowing they might win or lose millions of dollars is enough to make someone want to attack a person if they are in a position to lose.

  • No, I don't believe it is.

    You can get bit in soccer and boxing, punched in basketball, check in hockey and tackled in football. I don't think this case in any different. Sports in general are very aggressive and competitive. When adrenaline is flowing, sometimes it gets the better of you and you do something you shouldn't especially if you have anger issues. This is a personal problem, not a sports problem.

  • It was isolated.

    No, Aussie Rules Football does not promote violence, because Aussie Rules Football is so similar to so many other sports, that it cannot be said that Aussie Rules Football promotes violence over any of those sports. Aussie Rules Football is just like rugby, and soccer, and American football. It is no more violent than any of those games.

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