• It’s a hoax

    A hoax conducted by the New Zealand government. All the Aussies are hallucinating their lives and are drugged by a drug called Kyroteene, And are living in an abandoned city in New Zealand. Australia doesn’t exist, If you go there you are drugged on the plane and actually land in New Zealand. It’s not real.

  • Ive never been their

    Have you see it how do you know it exists? If you think youre in australia how do you know. You could just be in finland or some other desert you dont know you can't confirm it so thats why i dont belive australia dont exists thank you good day

  • Australia does not exist

    All the seats at the Sunday masses, filled with the masses massive asses, classes pass as fast as molasses, ceremonial reading glasses, read a little bit of Leviticus, all the kids are a little too little for this, all the parents nod in agreement, I think I vaguely see what he meant, it’s too early in the morning glory, to read another allegory story the father, reads a little bit farther, assuring the assured that they need not bother “When God, in verse 45, said that slaves are ok to buy, he meant that people all from the start each have slaves within our hearts, things that we have sold or boughten, that are forced to pick our “moral cotten” God calls us to set these free, free our hearts from slavery. (Then as God goes on to explain the logistics of buying and selling slaves. He was just messing around) In the back I sit and I nod, to the beats that are bumping from my iPod, my God, they’re starting to pray, and over the music I can hear then say “Dear God, dear Lord, dear vauge muscular man with a beard or a sword, dear good all seeing being, my way or the highway Yahweh, the blue balled anti-masturbator, the great all-loving fa**ot hater, I’d like to think your holy might, for making me both rich and white, and though this is your day of rest, I come to you with one request, there’s so much pain beyond this steeple, wats and drugs and homeless people, sadness where there should be joy, hate and rape and soulja boy, a world in darkness needs your light, so I’m sure your schedule’s pretty tight, but my dog just had leg surgery if you could fix the first? Jesus! Debra Messing’s fingers in a holy place, “Hail Mary Full of Grace” Obama, could you pass some hope to the Pope? I know a couple dudes who wanna elope, see the church said nope so the bro’s can’t cope, (Bros can gripe but the bros can’t cope) they’ve been in love and they’ve been addicted, who said they shouldn’t? Benedict did, cause in the holy land of the Lord he’s the holy landlord and dicks are evicted, cause you can be a Benedict if you’ve been a dick under Benedict, but you can’t have Benedict‘s because there’s only one Pope and only one dick, what a dick on a Pope is just like a soap on a rope, because, it’s pointless, unless in prison, throw up your Bibles Christ has risen, hallelujah now it’s raining men because the gender ratio is 1 to 10, winos at the Eucharist station, trans-gendered-substantiation, Jesus wasn’t the messiah, get back I’m a heretic and I’m on fire, it was Oedipus, and those holy nights, the holy motherfucking Christ, I’m a blasphemah post-Katrina, cruising the marina, on a crusade to cruise AIDS and blast FEMA, you’re too late we’re fucked we don’t need ya.

  • Your also so dumn

    I went to australia while drinking half a bottle of vinegar to 'counter' the effects of the drug and it was all fine i got off and went to australia i even used a drone to check that i was in australia you guys are either joking or you inept

  • It's no hoax

    If you mean by country and/or continent, Both are wrong. Australia, Aka the Commonwealth of Australia, Consists of its mainland, Tasmania, And thousands of smaller islands in a geographic region known as Oceania which lies in the Pacific Ocean. The Continent of Australia, Sometimes known as Sahul, Australinea, Or Meganesia consists of the country itself, Including Tasmania, And New Guinea, On Australia's Tectonic Plate. Once again, If we included Australia{the country}, New Zealand, And sometimes other islands it is known as Australasia.

  • How long have you been living under a rock?

    Go into space, See that big mass of land between New Zealand and Asia? Is that a "hoax". If Australia doesn't exist then where did vegemite and thongs come from? Who were the people on the beaches at Gallipoli? Are you saying that kangaroos are just rabbits? This is all obviously a meme.

  • U R all dumb

    I live in Australia you stupid people, I have many people who live in Australia, And I certiantly do not live in New Zealand, Cause I was not shot, And I am a Muslim. So please stop being idiots. I suggest you try traveling to New Zealand, Then "Australia" then you will realise that we are completely different.

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