Australia: Is it the worst-developed country for climate change action?

  • Yes this is true.

    Australia is actually the worst-developed country for climate change action. This is according to the rank that proved Australia as the worst-developed country. Two reports place the country near the bottom of the league for emissions level, use of renewables and action to combat global warming. I have no objection with the research.

  • There are others.

    Australia has a large hole in the ozone, so their reaction to climate change might be more closely watched by the rest of the world. But that doesn't mean that their reaction to climate change is any different than other countries. There are no second or third world countries that are taking any action on climate change at all, and the United States lags far behind the rest of the developed world.

  • No, the United States is even worse

    Although Australia is by no means a well-developed country for climate change action, it is my belief that the United States is even worse. This is because United States policymakers are even more vigorous in their denial of climate change than their Australian counterparts, and additionally because there are many corporate interests in the United States which would be harmed by action on climate change.

  • No, Australia is not the worst-developed location for climate change action.

    While Australia is one of the most susceptible continents to climate change due to its multiple arid areas, dwindling water supply, fire risk and variability in rainfall amounts, I do not believe it has any more constraints that would make it harder for it to implement positive changes than any other location.

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