Australia raises minimum wage: Is it time for the U.S. to follow suit?

  • Yes, it is time for the US to raise the minimum wage.

    Many Americans must work two to three jobs to barely make ends meet. Working Americans should be able to take care of their needs without government assistance such as food stamps. Minimum wage should be raised to a livable wage, no American that is working full time should be living in poverty.

  • Yes, it is time for the United States to boost their minimum wage.

    Yes, the current minimum wage in the United States is dismal at best. Even in high income areas, minimum wage fails to pay for the basic essentials. People cannot support themselves, much less their families, on the wage they earn from full time work. In some areas, workers must earn twice the current minimum wage to even rent a one bedroom apartment near their place of work.

  • More Bad than Good.

    Right now, the U.S. Unemployment Rate is 4.7%. Say that the U.S. were to raise the minimum wage, wouldn't companies have to lay off more and hire less people in order to keep up? The goal of a company is to make profit. Liberals want an increased minimum wage, but they also want to reduce the unemployment rate (Everybody does) and promote small businesses. Say it's a small business. They probably don't have a lot of employees. They would have to lay off some of them in order to save money. Becausse of this, the can't get enough supply for the demand for their product. Because of this, customers will stop buying eventually, and the company will go out of business. And because of the people losing their jobs because of this, the unemployment rate will be raised. It's a lose-lose situation.


  • No, minimum wages mean nothing.

    A minimum wage does not ensure a better standard of living. It just costs others jobs and stifles the economy. What is better for ensuring a better standard of living is a quality education and the jobs to help exploit that knowledge for the greater good. Just because you get a $2 raise at McDonald's doesn't mean you will be moving into some grand house.

  • There is no way that the U.S. should be raising the minimum wage

    There is no way that the U.S. should be raising the minimum wage. I find it mind boggling that every time another country does something, the expectation is that the U.S. must follow suit. It is already proving out that a higher minimum wage is having a negative impact. People are being replaced by robots and machines, prices are going up and people are losing jobs.

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