Australian athletes' laptops were stolen during an Olympic village fire. Will Rio's reputation suffer following the Olympics?

  • Rio Security Not Prepared

    There have been many negative stories regarding Rio in terms of security. Rio will most certainly earn a bad reputation if things like this continue. The Olympics are supposed to be a time of solidarity and international sportsmanship. Theft of athletes' belongings will only increase disparities and conflicts within countries.

  • Can't get much worse

    Economic and political turmoil aside, Brazil has come a long way in the past few decades, and the leadup to the Rio Olympics are doing a lot to eliminate that goodwill. The number of horror stories coming out of the city from Olympics athletes suggest it might just be better to cancel the games altogether.

  • Rio will be chaotic

    Rio will be chaotic before and during the Olympics, and there will be many reports about it. This is because there are a lot of problems with things such as the crime rate, proper accommodations, and water pollution. It is too late for the government of Brazil to address these issues properly now.

  • No, it might even improve.

    With all of the negative news stories prior to the Olympics, I think that Rio's reputation is already pretty bad. Barring some disastrous event happening during the Olympics, I think the event can only help the city's image. That is what seems to happen to the host city/country during every Olympics.

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