Australian government demands all references to Great Barrier Reef in the Unesco Report be removed: Is a global protest in order?

  • Yes, hit them where it hurts.

    Yes, protests are in order. If people stop traveling to Australia and supporting them with tourist dollars and if economic sanctions are laid down upon them,perhaps they will realize that we will not allow the truth to be whitewashed. The reef needs to be taken care of and hiding the destruction it is undergoing is certainly not helping it.

  • Yes, Australia's demands call for protest where possible.

    Yes, all adherents to the United Nations should denounce Australia's recent demands to remove UNESCO's "at risk" references to the Great Barrier Reef. If UNESCO follows the country's call for such a removal, environmental negligence will continue to afflict the ecological state of the Great Barrier Reefs. The attention that UNESCO gives to at-risk cultural and ecological sites is pivotal for their surival. If UNESCO removes the Reefs' name from the list, chances of saving the reef will be reduced. This then call for protest.

  • Australia should not hide the issues the Great Barrier Reef faces.

    There has been astonishing levels of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef as of late, and Australia tried to hide this fact because if this was mentioned in the UNESCO report, it would hurt the tourism industry in Australia. However, hiding the problem will not fix it. If the Australian government didn't want tourism to go down, they should have taken better care of the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Yes, the Barrier Reef disaster is a massive "own goal" Australia!

    This sort of behavior is typical of conservative governments all round the world. They lie, obfuscate and malign to satisfy their right wing agenda and their big business mates. Unfortunately there is a large enough constituency in Australia that goes along with it. In conservative governments the environment minister is against the environment, the education minister is against education, the minister for science is against science, the minister for employment is against employment and so it goes ...

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