Australian nurses who spread anti-vaccination messages face prosecution. Is this going too far?

  • Freedom of speech

    If they are prosecuted it shows you that Australia is becoming a paranoid state void of intelligence. Anyone who thinks this is not going to far are kidding themselves or are simply deluding themselves giving a already stupid and out of touch government a precedent they don't need nor as Australians we need

  • Free the Nurses

    The nurses should be left alone as they are trying to protect children and society from the harmful side effects of vaccinations. It is a shame that people can be prosecuted for expressing free speech, but they are also being reprimanded because their trade is not supposed to go against the prevailing medical community bias.

  • Australina nurses should not face prosecution

    Australina nurses should not face prosecution for anti-vaccination messages. These people have devoted their lives to helping others and improving health care. The government and manufacturers of vaccines often dismiss problems with vaccines due to the money spent developing the vaccines. People must be able to speak out when they feel there is a problem.

  • Anti-vaccine movement is dangerous

    You prevent considerably more dangerous disseases WITH a vaccine then WITHOUT one, it is only common sense that those who spread lies with the intention to further their own cause which causes harm to others should be punished, they should even lose their jobs, clearly their knowledge is lacking to be a nurse and they hsould og back to school

  • No, it is not.

    It is a bit extreme, but it has been scientfica proven that vaccines are helpful and that to not give people vaccines is harmful. Spreading this kind of misinformation is harmful to the population at large and can cause outbreaks and death, particularly if the misinformation comes from trusted sources.

  • Anti-vaccination messages are irresponsible.

    Medical professionals should be charged with always presenting patients with the best medical evidence available so that they can make informed decisions. Failing to do so, or deliberately spreading misinformation among patients should be treated as a very serious offence particularly when it comes to anti-vaccination messages which can cost lives.

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