Australian police stop plans for Christmas terrorist attack, but are there likely to be more of these attacks elsewhere?

  • The security services have probably intercepted dozens.

    Given the model of Islamic State's terror attacks, it is natural that Christmas related events would be a huge target for them. Therefore, it is highly probable that terrorist attacks of this nature have been planned all over the western world in the lead up to Christmas. However, the public will not hear about most of these attacks because the would-be perpetrators will have already been intercepted by the security services and police.

  • They are hard to prevent.

    These attacks are called soft attacks because they are difficult to prevent. There is no way to have people screened every time they go to a public place. There is no way to make sure a person doesn't intend to injure others when they get into a vehicle. There is just no way to stop everything.

  • It is highly likely.

    Terrorist attacks are becoming more common by the day, all across the world. With the holiday season upon us and people traveling much more, as well as gathering in large groups in shopping malls, the likelihood of an attack is also increasing. People should take this into account when shopping or flying this holiday season.

  • Yes, there are likely to be more terrorist attacks around Christmas.

    Unfortunately, there are likely to be more terrorist attacks around Christmas this year. Luckily, Australian authorities were able to thwart a planned terrorist attack on Christmas. However, the reach of terrorism stretches all over the world. Therefore, it is likely that other groups in numerous countries could be planning terrorist attacks on Christmas.

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