Australian republic vs. monarchy: Is establishing a republic feasible in Australia?

  • Republic for Australians

    A republic form of government is better for the Australian people. The Australian has friendly ties with democratic and parliamentary countries such as the United States and Great Britain. Forming a monarchy is a form of government that is not feasible with the two countries mentioned and could sever ties.

  • Yes, establishing a republic would be feasible for the nation.

    By establishing a republic, the citizens would be offered more freedom when it comes to their choice of who will run the country. A monarchy, only allows certain people who are within the family realm to participate in the countries well being. A republic offers freedom of choice. Voting rights would establish the voice of the people. Monarchy equals dictatorship more or less. Republic equals choices. Therefore, a republic system would allow individuals the right to speak their mind through the democratic process.

  • Australia is, and forever will be a monarchy.

    Constitutional monarchy, in my opinion, is one of the best forms of government ever devised; it entails the glory and patriotism which comes with monarchy and combines it with democracy and liberty. Her Majesty is an absolutely marvellous figurehead and guardian of Australia, and why anyone in their sane state of mind would want to get rid of such a magnificent stateswoman baffles me. I also beg the question of why someone would want to give a politician absolute power? Surely having an impartial, noble sovereign as our head of state is better than having a bland, dull man in a suit?

    Republics are not, nor have ever been, feasible; they are horrendously unstable and cannot work in the long-term. A monarch provides stability, continuity and prevents dictators from assuming power.

    Long may the Queen of Australia reign! God save the Queen!

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