Australian Teen Denied Visa For Space Camp in US Because His Parents Are From Iran: Are these measures too much, even for Trump?

  • I think the White House needs to explain itself.

    I'd like to know the categories of people who are currently banned. Without knowing that, I can't judge if Trump has gone too far. There is so much confusion, it's hard to judge if he's going overboard. I know that immigrants from some countries pose a risk and I want them to be weeded out but I also want exceptions for people who have demonstrated that they are, let's say, Westernized for lack of a better word.

  • Yes the measures are too much, even for Trump.

    Trump's ban on refugees and others from his list of 7 nations has met widespread criticism. Whilst it has been mislabeled as a "Muslim Ban", it is still too strict and discriminatory. Trump's aim was to protect the US and make it safer from extremists.However it can have the opposite effect.Trump is marginalizing the Muslim community and is too strict with his ban.

  • Yes, these travel restrictions are too harsh.

    President Trump's executive order banning travel restrictions was too broad. Congress and the President should work together to secure our borders, without implementing such a far-reaching travel ban. This travel ban has had too many unintended consequences. We should secure our borders without closing the United States to the world.

  • No, they are actually less strict than the previous administration.

    First of all, the executive order is actually far less strict than the restrictions placed on refugees by the Obama administrations, who suspended influx of refugees for six months and not 90 days. Second, the facts in this case are vague to say the least and potentially suspect. It is entirely possible that this situation has more to do with flaws in the implementation of the executive order and not the intention of the order. If he is an Australian citizen, he should not be affected by the executive order. This seems more likely a case of government bureaucracy getting in its own way.

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