• Auto Tune, a great invention.

    Auto tune was a good thing that came out years ago, it is with which pitch correction is done and most of the professional recordings are done through this software. Rappers frequently uses it and it is a cover up for those who can't sing. This has been used like crazy in modern music as it is used as a disguise for inaccuracies and mistakes.

  • I'm slightly on the fence but for the most part, i support it

    There are some singers that do take it too far and trash what they were trying to create but at the same time, there are some that use it just right and make something absolutely wonderful. It really just depends on who uses it and how much they use it.

  • Genius, but a little false

    It was a pretty clever invention. Autotune makes it easier for performers to record tracks and sound great. It should work for pretty much anyone, which also makes it a bit false, since people who really can't sing or can't sing live can sound great on tracks. Although, I'm guessing most people who buy concert tickets don't care.

  • Autotune was a genius invention

    The invention of Autotune was of course a genius invention. Auto- anything have always been great inventions throughout time. To be able to tune into a station automatically is absolutely amazing and of course qualifies for the genius level of thinking. Automation saves times and money and is a wonderful asset for our everyday lives.

  • Yes, but sort of no

    I agree that it's a great invention, but it's completely turned music into something different than it was decades ago. Now people are relying on a machine to distort their voices in order to have a career and I don't think that's a good idea. But so be it. It's still a good invention.

  • A duck is still a duck

    I have a great deal of admiration and respect for the way technology improves our lives. That said, if singing isn't a talent you were born with or a skill your voice can't grasp, then perhaps you should be a talent agent or manager. This takes the concept of enhancement to a new category called deception. A duck that sings like a canary in the studio is still going to quack like a duck live on stage. Is that fair to the duck's fan's?

  • Far from it.

    This invention was probably the one greatest item that contributed to the decline of popular music today. It essentially allows people with no musical talent to help themselves sound better. Not only that, but the extreme use of auto tune is actually painful for some people to listen to. Not sure why people even like the way it sounds.

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