• He was killed

    The illuminati did not killed Tim Burgling. They might have mortally killed him but he lives on his his music. Avicii never dies Avicii forever! The people will forever cherish his music and memory and for that reason he will always be here. His soul is in heaven, His body slayed by the illuminati, But we will remember him, Forever!

  • If you look into it, It's just plain obvious that Avicii was killed by satanist pedophile billionares.

    When he died, The government dismissed the case after a very short amount of time. If you have evidence backing up the suicide claim then by all means please post it on here. There is plenty of evidence to the fact that this popular sweedish dj was murdered so i ask you to find this evidence yourself and post it on here. Thank you.

  • I'm not actually sure if avicii was murdered

    But one thing I am sure of is that this bussy needs to be murdered. Hit me up if you want some hardcore anal sex with man like me. I'm five foot six, 160 pounds, And have a nice moustache. I call it my dick tickler ;). I also have a nice swept to the side haircut. I like to walk with my hand raised in the air with my white friends. The white race is turly superior and if you agree come have sex with me.

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