Azealia Banks won't press charges against Russell Crowe. Does this hurt the cause of battered women?

  • Yes, I think so.

    It is a really obvious shakedown - woman with a disappearing career is going to sue a multi millionaire for "emotional distress". She may have misjudged her target as he will not pay her off to go away but will fight any claim.
    She's obviously deranged, so stop giving her nonsense a platform,the sooner she fades into obscurity the better.

  • Making allegations like these harm women.

    Media reports suggest that the initial allegations made by Banks were untrue. It has been said that she behaved badly and threatened to attack party guests and was removed physically from the room. While this was certainly not pleasant, it does not amount to battering or violence against her. Pretending that she was subject to a racial and gender motivated assault makes it more difficult for women to be believed when they are truly attacked.

  • No, not necessarily.

    It is her choice to press charges or not. It should not have any bearing on whether or not battered women get the treatment and the respect they need and the help they need to get out of their situation. It is not clear what happened in this instance and why she decided not to press charges.

  • No, Azealia Banks' refusal to press charges against Russell Crowe does not hurt the cause of battered women.

    Azealia Banks recently attended a party hosted by Russell Crowe and accused Russell Crowe of physically and verbally abusing her. The rest of the party's attendees say that Banks is lying about this claim. If Azealia Banks is not planning on pressing charges, it is probably because she cannot prove that Russell Crowe engaged in violent acts. Banks' decision not to press charges does not affect the cause of battered women, as Azealia Banks probably does not qualify as a battered woman herself.

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