Baby Boomers struggle with housing costs: Should the government step in and help?

  • Yes, Struggling Baby Boomers Should Receive Government Aid

    Yes, Baby Boomers struggling to manage housing costs should absolutely receive government aid. Access to safe, affordable housing is a privilege that many American citizens take for granted, but one that many Baby Boomers may be unable to maintain due to new or worsening health problems, rising costs of utilities, medicines, and food, and the financial pressures associated with planning for retirement. Baby Boomers have worked very hard over the years to raise their children and make our country a competitive and productive place to call home. This generation is now struggling with housing costs due to circumstances which are largely beyond their control. It is my opinion that the government owes it to these hard working and potentially vulnerable citizens to help in any way it can.

  • Yes the government should step in and help

    Most of these baby boomers were born in the fifty's after second world war, taking that into consideration most of them are past their productive age. The government stepping in and helping them in meeting their bills, such as housing cost can really be a wise decision.
    It will not only ensure that these people are Happy but also the government will be playing their biggest role which is providing for its citizens.

  • Yes, the government's sole purpose is to represent and help it's populace

    Yes, the government should step in and help. Governments exist to enforce laws and to represent and assist their populace. If Baby Boomers are struggling with housing costs, the government should acknowledge the problem and provide assistance to them. How well citizens are doing in life is an indication of the quality of government, so they should desire to improve the quality of life for any group of struggling citizens.

  • Baby Boomers should be helped with housing costs.

    Government subsidized housing should be afforded to all in need, Baby Boomers included. This is not to say that the government should step in and help keep them in their homes that they can no longer afford for whatever reason. Shelter is a basic need of humanity, and one of the purposes of government is to support humanity in a number of ways, from making decisions on foreign policy or writing and approving legislature to providing for the basic needs of its citizens. If a Boomer cannot afford shelter by themselves, government should step in and provide low cost housing with a rent based on their income, fixed or not. However, as previously stated if the matter isn't one of affording shelter but rather one of affording shelter more luxurious in whatever way than necessary, it is on the individual to re evaluate their finances and find housing they can afford with their income if need be.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-09-03T17:50:58.573
Why do you keep wasting everybody's time?
Politicians aren't Generous Benefactors, they're Greedy Parasites.
Where do you think the $ they pretend to give away comes from?
The so-called "federal government" has an OFFICIAL Debt of over $17.6 Trillion, & Going Up.
According to some Experts, such as Economic Professor Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University,
their ACTUAL Debt, because of the MASSIVE amounts of Unfunded & Off-budget
Liabilities & Obligations they have, is over $235 Trillion, & Going Up.
Politicians all over the world are having SEVERE Budget Problems.
Shadow-Dragon says2014-09-03T22:12:25.970
No. Their life, their problems. Not wasting money helping those fools.