Baby dies from herpes after ritual circumcision. Should circumcision be banned?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Circumcision is not a natural way to bring a baby into this world.

    Imagine a baby being born. They have never experienced anything but the warmth and darkness of the womb. They come out into this world into loving nurses (and parents) arms and are cleaned off. After a few hours of peaceful life, that infant is strapped down onto an operating table to have the most sensitive part of his body ripped completly apart. The foreskin and the glans are naturally fused together for protection of the glans. Circumcision forcefully and harmfully permanently alters this poor infant, and has just had the most traumatic experience in his life, in only a few hours after birth. If you have this operation performed on your boy for "aesthetic" reasons, consider this: what if, when you were born, you had a tattoo permanently stuck on the most private region of your body. You would probably think that your parents should have had your CONSENT. Well they didn't, and that is how many men today are feeling about their unethical "routine infant circumcision".

  • Stop the Madness!

    Cut off a part of a young girls' vagina and it's called mutalation, cut off part a boys penis and everyone has a party! Are you kidding me! This may actually be the greatest double standard in the history of double standards! Or would that be the worst double standard...

  • Circumcision on unconsenting children should be banned unless there is medical necessity

    A baby died after a ritual circumcision from getting herpes from the mohel sucking the blood from the incision.


    This is not the only circumcision horror story.

    David Reimer lost his penis after a botched circumcision. His family tried raising him as a female. He rejected that and eventually wound up taking his own life.

    If there is a reason why the foreskin must be removed, some medical necessity then it should be allowed but in the vast majority of cases circumcision is elective. Elective circumcision should only be legal for consenting adults informed of the risks.

  • It is beneficial

    MasturDbtor is someone who is pro abortion, but is against circumcision? That is a little hypocritical, because a baby doesn't give consent to be MURDERED. Also, there is health benefits associated with circumcision. Read here to see the Positive vs. Negative side effects.

    Just because one or two cases out of several hundred are botched, doesn't mean it should be banned. If so, cars should be taken off the road, people shouldn't have cell phones in their bed (because they will catch on fire) We shouldn't socialize with people, because of the risk of being sick. The "Yes" side of this is absolutely irrational, and quite frankly, stupid.

  • No, you fool.

    Hey, once in a while, a guy will die from an attempted heart transplant. It has risks, but it was for good, like circumcision. Circumcised dicks are usually end up much longer than those little, anteater penises. They look better, and don't have that awful, cancerous smegma. Get a brain, idiot, get circumcised.

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