Bachelorette Eric Hill's Death: Is The Bachelorette TV show exploiting the death of former bachelor Eric Hill in order to increase ratings?

  • Yes, this kind of exposure glamorizes crime.

    Using the death of a public figure to promote a television show is unethical and, in my opinion, both sensationalizes and glamorises crime in the eye of the public. A television show whose goal is to entertain has a responsibility to participants, past and present, and to viewers to provide content that does not support the acceptance of or promote the public exposure of crime of any kind.

  • Exploiting Stories Equals More Ratings

    The Bachelorette TV show is exploiting the death of Eric Hill as a way to increase their ratings. This is seen time and again when someone related to a reality television show experiences some sort of tragedy. It is often used by the network to bring more attention to the show. Ultimately, this is disrespectful to the individual and the family of that individual.

  • Yes, Bachelorette is exploiting Eric Hill's death

    Yes, the Bachelorette program is exploiting the death of Eric Hill. The producers are exploiting Hill's death to raise ratings and give the show more drama. This is true because the so-called reality shows thrive on drama and constantly need to hook the viewers into the show. The producers exploit his death with their tacky response to his passing. Instead of honoring him with taste, the show used him for the added drama.

  • Yes, they are.

    They knew that viewers, much like a car accident, wouldn't be able to turn off the show if they left all of his scenes in. This must be incredibly difficult for his friends and family members to watch. It sickens me that they deemed this appropriate for national television. It shows they will stoop incredibly low for viewership.

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