Bachmann: 'The IRS scandal is worse than Watergate.' Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

  • Targeting Political Groups Is Unconstitutional; Spying on Your Opponent Isn't

    Let's look at the two events in perspective:

    Watergate - Every election, one party is always curious of what the opposing party is up to. Both parties spy on each other every election. Watergate was simply one of many attempts to find out what an opposing party is up to. While it is not right, it does not disrupt the political process, nor is it unconstitutional, because it does not impede the free right of association protected by the First Amendment.

    The IRS Scandal - The IRS was deliberatly targeting small-government groups for their anti-tax policies (anti-tax means fewer jobs for the IRS). This is extremely rare. This also disrupts the political process as it gives one side an advantage over the other, giving tat former side an inherent advantage. It also violates the freedom of association clause in the First Amendment because it punishes one group because the differ in beliefs from another.

    To conclude, while Watergate, and all spying on political parties is wrong, it does not disrupt the political process to any significant degree, nor is it unconstitutional. Raising taxes on certain groups because of their beliefs, however, is both. In that sense, Bachmann is correct in saying that the IRS scandal is worse than Watergate.

  • The media refuses to investigate or educate.

    The vast majority of news outlets in this country have failed to report that the IRS chief visited the White House 157 times, vastly more than any other chief. Yet when questioned, the only visit that came to mind was the easter egg roll? This guy was in the White House discussing the initiation of "Obamacare." Am I to believe that the President had nothing to say about the number one voice against his health care plan? My opinion is; yes. The President absolutely directed this tyrannical over reach. Absolutely every HONEST reporter in the world should be making this their number one question. Yet, it has yet to be asked on CNN, NBC, ABC or MSNBC. These news outlets are attempting to steer the thoughts and beliefs of the nation while ignoring the most important questions... Is the IRS scandal worse than Watergate? Absolutely, the President directing the IRS to investigate and harass a group of citizens, based on their beliefs, is hugely more morally deficient than a President directing a break in to see what another political party was up to. It all makes sense though... The MSM has been trying to label conservatives as terrorists for years. They agree with the targeting. Wanting your government to spend less does not make you a terrorist! Agreement that a belief or opinion should be silenced is however FASCIST.

  • They got rid of Nixon to solve Watergate. Getting rid of this problem will require surgery on big sections of the federal government.

    They got rid of Nixon to solve Watergate. Getting rid of this problem will require surgery on big sections of the federal government. When that happens, the turmoil to all of us will be profound. The millions who now see the federal eagle as their salvation are going to be the unhappiest.

  • Of course not.

    The IRS scandal is not even what the conservatives are making it out to be- for example the IRS was targeting liberal groups as well, just not as frequently as the conservative groups. There is no evidence the President had any involvement and there is no reason he would have even known about it in the first place.

    Bachmann is a twit anyway.

  • Look who it is

    Who would ave thought Bachmann would ever allow herself to be in the position of saying something idiotic. As always, as she has nothing of actual value to contribute the only addition she can make is sensationalizing things and destroying their significance. What the IRS has been found guilty of is deplorable and they need to be punished harshly, but this claim, like virtually all she makes, is stupid.

  • No, this is different.

    The IRS scandal is focused on discrimination, not a robbery. I don't know why Michele Bachmann said this, but it's not even close. Look, I don't know much about this scandal. The tax-exempt status is basically for the non-profit organizations. You know, for charities? However, the acting IRS director has done an unprofessional job and Baraka Obama II did not find this acceptable. Even so, the commander-in-chief is more of a conservative democrat than a liberal democrat who cannot like this situation.

  • The Watergate scandal was worse; the IRS did nothing wrong!

    Bachmann is a wealthy Tea Party nutcase!

    There is no IRS scandal; therefore, it can’t be worse than Watergate.

    Bachmann is just trying to give the Republican Party something to hope for because the party is dying.

    The Watergate scandal involved the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters on June 17, 1972 at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. Republican President Nixon’s administration attempted to cover it up and hide the facts. The scandal resulted in the indictment, trial, conviction, and incarceration of 43 people, dozens of whom were Nixon’s top administration officials. Nixon facing near-certain impeachment in the House of Representatives and a strong possibility of a conviction in the Senate, resigned the presidency on August 9, 1974. Then his successor, President Gerald Ford issued a pardon to Nixon. The wealthy protect the wealthy. You and I would have gone to jail.

    So, comparing this IRS witch hunt with Watergate is just pure stupid.

    No IRS scandal has been proven. Nothing has been proven. And, no body at the IRS broke into the Republican Party Headquarters to steal secrets or broke any laws. Nobody in the IRS is going to be charged criminally with anything. Again, this is just a witch hunt! The IRS personnel were just doing their jobs.

    The IRS was only following guidelines for determining what groups meet the requirements for starting a 501(c) (4) organization – tax-exempt organization devoted to charitable activities. The primary purpose of the organization be to promote “the common good and general welfare of the community,” with very little political activity. The question becomes “How Much Politics Is Too Much?”

    First you need to remember the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision - 1/21/10, where the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government may not prohibit direct corporate and union spending on advertising for candidates’ elections.

    This decision opened the door for the very wealthy and their corporations to spend billions electing whoever they wanted - Republicans and Tea Party candidates to protect their wealth. These people represent less than 2% of all Americans.

    After the Supreme Court decision in 2010, Tea Party groups represented the largest number of groups applying for this tax-exempt status; therefore, there will be more Tea Party cases being investigated by the IRS to determine if those Tea Party groups qualify for the 501(c) (4) exempt status. This is not targeting anyone.

    Crossroads GPS, founded by Karl Rove has a 501(c) (4) status. Karl Rove’s phony organization donated $250 million. The other phony groups like the Koch’s brothers’ “Americans for Prosperity” and Grover Norquist’s “Americans for Tax Reform donate billions and are totally political organization that is against the IRS Code. All three of these groups are engage in nothing but political activity. Therefore, they should be denied the tax exempt status under a 501(c) (4).

    Anyway, the IRS did not target the Tea Party or any other group. This is just a stupid witch hunt by the Republican/Tea Party that is ruining America.

  • No, the IRS scandal is not worse than Watergate.

    No, I don't believe that the IRS scandal is worse than Watergate. Michele Bachmann has often made statements that are factually untrue and ridiculously unintelligent, but this statement may be the worst of them yet. The Watergate scandal was so huge because it showed that the President himself was complicit in spying on his opponents, and the entire scandal could be linked directly to him, making it the worst scandal any U.S. President has ever suffered. The IRS scandal is being blown out of proportion, and what's worse is that, though both sides are enfuriated, the GOP is definitely grandstanding because of the fact that it has happened under Obama's watch. If this were to have happened under a Republican President, Republicans would have very little to say about the issue. Furthermore, the scandal cannot be directly linked to President Obama, and it is pretty obvious that the guilty parties were acting on their own.

  • Look who it is

    Who would have thought Bachmann would ever allow herself to be in the
    position of saying something idiotic. As always, as she has nothing of
    actual value to contribute the only addition she can make is
    sensationalizing things and destroying their significance. What the IRS
    has been found guilty of is deplorable and they need to be punished
    harshly, but this claim, like virtually all she makes, is stupid.

  • Of course not

    First off, if Michelle Bachmann says one thing, then it usually means the exact opposite is the truth. Thats just math. 2, If the IRS scandal was worse then watergate, then dont you think people would be giving a sh*t about it? Watergate was massive and captivated the entire nation, this IRS scandal is nothing more then conservative hacks trying to make it to be a big deal just because they REALLY hate Obama....

  • Worse than Watergate? I think not.

    The Tea Party claims they were singled out by the IRS when applying for the tax exempt status of 501(c) organizations. Together with stanch conservatives and Fox News they are attempting to make this scandal as large as Watergate, one problem, its not. Watergate was an invasion of privacy by the executive branch, more specifically the President of the United States Richard Nixon. It stunned the American people because the President had betrayed his own people. Then when the tapes surfaced and people started to realize that there was something missing Nixon claimed to have the Executive privilege to keep evidence from the people. The recent scandal that has surfaced with President Obama is much different. The Executive Branch was not involved in plotting against the Tea Party, nor did it have any intelligence on the matter in the first place. If there was in fact any real "plot" to keep Tea Parties from gaining a 501(c) it was created completely by the IRS. Now, let's analyze the possibility of the Tea Party gaining this status. The requirements of a 501(c) organization are very clear, groups may not be an "action organization". This means that the group can not participate in any campaign activity for or against a candidate and the group may not try to influence legislation. The Tea party has not only been apart of, but has created the drawn-out anti-Obama movement. If promoting the impeachment of the President of the United States isn't considered "trying to influence legislation" then nothing is. The IRS didn't use information against the Tea Party, Do you know why? They didn't have to. The Tea Party caused this uproar to gain the public attention, because nothing persuades a bureaucracy more than a bunch of screaming conservatives. I wonder if this anti tax group realizes that making them tax exempt is just one more expenditure to add to the government's list? In the end it will have to be paid for by taxes. Wrapping this up, the Watergate scandal is much worse than this IRS issue because Watergate was put into motion by the leader of the United States. This IRS scandal is simply one little signification group who wasn't treated fairly by the group who thrives off of screwing everyone over.

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