• Backwardseden is a Jackass.

    Take a look at the debates he has. Particularly take a look at the commentary he's given you see the nonsense of a cruel narcissistic bully who is the emblem of a Jackass! This man when he knows that he is wrong instead of conceding defeat decides to be insultive and why I did learn about self-control today I have to deal justice by pointing out the traits of a Jackass when I see one! God bless.

  • This is a debate site.

    I find it funny that you felt the need to create this opinion un the first place to "call out" Backwardseden. This is a debate site, And you're going to run into people who don't share the same opinions or views as you may have. This opinion is unnecessary to say the least.

  • He's just a passionate atheist

    Although some may disagree with what he says, To many atheists, What he is saying is bible truth (pun intended). He hates God because God has done some evil stuff in the bible. He has ordered the death for people that are gay and that have missed the sabbath. Jesus might have brought an end to that, However, If that is true, Christians would have an excuse to sin. If they kill someone, In court they in theory could say, "Jesus paid for that sin" and they could get acquitted.

    Posted by: asta

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