Bagpipes are an abomination regardless of culture and have been surpassed by the accordian.

  • Listen very closely to the sound they make. Now suppress that memory.

    Some of the greatest minds of man agree: Bagpipes are annoying. I do too. Why else are they almost never used? When they are, I've noticed that they are seemingly edited later to sound more pleasant. That is all for now. Thank you for your time, my friends. Bye bye.

  • Bagpipes Are Essential!

    Bagpipes go back to the Egyptians and emit ancient tones that have carried forth across European cultures from Flanders to Scotland and now worldwide. The pipes are majestic and call people together in war as well as peace. Matt MacIsaac is among the most accomplished and impressive contemporary pipers. I tremble in the presence of pipes.

  • Nope, they can actually sound quite awesome.

    I agree that they aren't the greatest wind instrument (which is irrefutably the didgeridoo) or anything, but to me, they really aren't as bad as you're saying. Like didymus, I enjoy the bagpipes played by the Dropkick Murphy's. I've also heard Flogging Molly play them, as well as Flatfoot 56. All are pretty amazing Celtic Punk bands. I also like them a bit due to my Irish roots. Anyhow, it's all a matter of opinion, so there's mine.

  • Bagpipes are great.

    On multiple occasions (Two occasions. Fine. You convinced me.) I heard bagpipes in real life and it sounded beautiful. Ironically, on this traditional Scottish instrument is where I heard my favorite rendition of Amazing Grace. My personal favorite genre of music is Punk, and the Dropkick Murphy's demonstrate their versatility there. (I think they might use accordion in some of their songs, but I prefer the bagpipes they play.)

  • Mmmmmh . . Yes.

    Step out of the page and into the sensual world.

    In this reference which no one probably cares about or understands you'll find my argument in between the lines for why bag pipes aren't completely an abomination. Though, I would indeed argue that they don't tend to sound very great, especially alone.

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