Bailout of US automakers: Are autos as deserving of a bailout as financial firms?

  • Auto companies are deserving of a bailout

    When U.S. automakers were on the verge of bankruptcy, their bailout was very controversial. It was much more contentious than the rescue of the financial sector. There should be no political dilemma when the fate of an industry affects not only the employees but the entire American economy. Government should be willing to help any business sector in that situation.

  • What's Good for One

    I personally do not believe that financial firms, automakers, or any other corporation deserves a bailout. Companies and the government need to remain two separate entities, but, however if the government is going to bail out the financial firms then it's only fair that the US automakers are also included in that bailout. The US automakers keep jobs in America which help stimulate the economy. If the automakers weren't bailed out then more jobs would be lost overseas, more people would be unemployed and less products would be bought.

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