Bailout of US automakers: Would aiding the US auto industry help the environment?

  • I believe helping the auto industry could do great wonders

    I think that aiding the auto industry could do great things with helping our environment, as many people may think, the auto industry isn't just for cars, it's for motor vehicles, such as buses, trucks and lorries. These same motor vehicles could be used to help the environment by researching better ways of cleaning our airs, as we can put funds into creating less chemicals and smoke that come out of those vehicles.

  • No. The bailout would not help the enviroment.

    Aiding the US auto industry would not help the environment. Putting these auto factories would be creating more pollution. Also having more automobiles on the roads would be putting more harmful emissions in the air. If we was to help the auto industry we should make sure they are following EPA standards when monitoring their emissions coming from their factories.

  • Well, weird question.

    I mean, given that at this point in time any power sources we're using in transport are, as far as I know, a net negative for the environment, the answer has to be no I guess. It's also bad for the global economy too as it distorts the market structures.

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