Balanced budget amendment to US Constitution: Is supermajority rule for approving deficits wise?

  • Yes, a supermajority rule would be wise.

    I personally feel that the government should make it more difficult to get into more and more debt as a country. By requiring a supermajority rule, it would be very difficult to mass any measure that would increase the deficit/debt of the United States. More politicians would have to agree with it in order for it to pass, and it would potentially encourage us to live more within our means. That being said, it can also lead to deadlock.

  • No, supermajority rule for approving budget deficits is not wise.

    The problem with our budget in general is that it is abused for political reasons. Specifically by the Republicans. Anyway a smaller majority having that ability will make it more likely to avoid political posturing. This could potentially make both parties come together for a better solution since neither could completely block the other.

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