Balanced budget amendment to US Constitution: Will balanced budget help solve debt/deficit?

  • The deficit will be solved by balancing the budget.

    I believe that balancing the budget will help all subsections of the government by getting them the money they need to run properly. NASA, for example, had their budget cut and now has to rely on private companies to carry out the space exploring our government cannot afford to pay for, but pur people can.

  • I don't think it is a definitive answer.

    There are basically two approaches to solving the deficit problem. Spend more to stimulate growth and slow the deficit that way, or spend less and hoping that decreases the deficit. I see it as we are coming out of a devastating recession, with a stagnant economy. Not spending would keep us where we were. We needed to grow, and in order to grow, we needed to spend. Now can I budget be balanced while having to spend? Maybe. But with the amount of money we have to spend, it would be hard. I believe, right now, forcing a balanced budget can hurt the economy.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-09-09T16:04:46.113
Both sides are wrong.
Balancing the budget will do nothing to help the politicians.
They're already BANKRUPT & WAY IN THE RED.
Their increasing the deficit even more obviously won't
stimulate the economy, nor will it reduce the deficit.
See my statements on the question :
" Should the U.S. deploy the U.S. Army along the
U.S./ Mexican border to fight Illegal Immigration? "