• Too Much Muscle Stress

    It creates too much stress on your muscles and may hurt your hamstrings. And for those people who are more plump, they will become too slim like the models on a runway. If we were to tiptoe at all times, it might cause a lot of damage to the feet.

  • Ballet makes you tired

    Ballet makes you want to keep fit all the time and if you are a teensy weensy bit fatter, you will not like yourself and try to be fit all the time. It is very bad for your body and makes your muscles tired and it stretches your muscles too much.

  • Ballet makes people stronger.

    Ballet dancers are really strong. You might say "they must be really light" but that isn't always the case. Ballet dancers are really strong. They are also beautiful. And when your muscles get tired, that's a good sign because it means they are building up. You weaklings on the no side are probably really jealous. 😝

  • Ballet is safe as long as you do it correctly.

    I am a ballet dancer and I am well aware of the risks. You might pull a muscle or break an ankle. Then why isn't soccer or other sports bad? You could hurt yourself just as easily. Also, you can avoid pulling muscles by stretching and you can avoid broken bones by carefully listening to your teachers instructions and not doing anything your not ready for. Being on point (dancing on your tip-toes) is not bad for your feet at all! You must wait until you are the correct age (until your done growing) and you must have perfect placement before even being considered to dance with point shoes.
    Just so you are aware ballet dancers wouldn't get hurt as often if people who are just out for money wouldn't tell people do a dance move if they weren't ready.
    To contradict the second argument on the left side of the list you can't just connect ballet to under confidence and eating disorders. Ballet is an exercise, not social pressure. And if the ballet costumes aren't scandalous but are graceful and modest than most dancers should have no problems with under confidence if most of their body is being covered.

  • Ballet is beautiful

    I couldn't do it. I couldn't spend hours upon hours a day dancing, let alone dancing on my toes. Even though it is physically harmful if your not careful, it is very beatiful to watch and take pictures of. Ballet takes hard work and commitment. Baller dancers often get injuries.

  • Ballet is good for you:

    Ballet dancers are some of, if not the, strongest athletes on the planet. You are weak. Get out of ballet. It is for the strong minded who are able to do what must be done not for these whiny kids who dream of doing things like riding ponies through fields.

  • Ballet is bad.

    Ballet has been proven to be worse for you than drinking a bottle of cancer. Ballet is excercise and it makes you sweat and it stretches your muscles which we all know is extremely bad, never stretch for sports, in fact never do sports because they're bad for you. Ballet makes you more flexible and fit. If you become flexible you gain the risk of being able to hit your head on your knees, which hurts.

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