• He was in danger.

    The riot was because of the way people of colour are being unfairly treated, even now! Why would she want to see her son become another name on a headline? Like all the others who were murdered because of the colour of their skin, even when they were innocent. Of course she was shocked and took him out while panicking!

  • Mom's behavior was the right way to go in the specific instance.

    Although I would not deem the mom's forcefulness to be appropriate in most situations, I think it was correct in the Baltimore situation because there was probably no better way for her to truly make a difference in her son's behavior at the time. Wise, well-meaning force and power were necessary in this specific situation. The mom was being a mom who wouldn't accept her son's behavior and I believe she handled it well in that context.

  • Yes, the Baltimore mom handled her son's behavior correctly.

    The Baltimore mom that beat the fool out of her son, who was acting like a thug in the Baltimore riots, is being hailed as a hero - as she should be! If more of those young people's parents chased them down like she did and put a whooping on them, the riot would've ended a lot sooner.

  • Mom was right

    Mom was right. More parents need to discipline their children the traditional way instead of letting their kids get away with anything and everything. Some people might be shocked by the mother's actions, but she didn't want her son to become just another thug or wrong-doer in society. The woman obviously cares for her son.

  • No, I think the "Baltimore mom" went to far.

    I think that she was justified in pulling her son out of the riot, but I think she should have handled it more discreetly. The fast that she acted in such an aggressive manner just supports why her son was there in the first place and where he learned this behavior from. I think people are missing that and quickly putting her on a pedestal because she did something sensational and against the grain. I think the boy is going to continue to do outrageous things.

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