• The Media Causes Further Problems

    It's bad enough that people are engaging in thuggery and violence. The media is making the situation worse by making people in other communities angry as well. This can lead to people in other cities being violent and taking their own frustrations out on other people. I feel for the safety of people in vulnerable communities.

  • Yes, media converage worsened the rioting.

    Yes, media coverage of the Baltimore riot actually worsened the situation. It is my belief that media report of the riot intensifies the tension between police officers and the rioters. As USA Today points out, the media has not accurately portray the riot in Baltimore and clarified that the event is "not a wide-scaled riot and looting." However, unfair media coverage has instilled fear and indignation between police officers and the rioters, causing them to respond to the situation with more irrationality and violence.

  • Yes, the media has worsened the rioting in Baltimore.

    With its continual television coverage and reports, the media has further exacerbated the rioting in Baltimore. Potential rioters who see this coverage are more likely partake in the "mob mentality" by joining the massive crowd. Furthermore, the media is making criminal behavior into something that should be celebrated by putting it on the front page of the newspaper.

  • Media is Just Reporting Facts

    The media is not making things worse. The people who are rioting are not watching the news. They are motivated by greed and anger. They just want to steal things and destroy businesses. No true person of conscience would be out there "protesting" in this manner. Peopl are just looking to excuse their own bad behavior.

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