• No way !!!

    Animal testing is just plain cruelty to animals. I think that we should not est animals or humans, we should create a dummy that functions the same in the brain and physically. If you chose no then you are CRAZY!!! !!!!!!!!!! They are SO cute and cuddly!!! ;D :D :D

  • Who are we going to test, people?

    Who are we going to test, people? Or are we not going to test the drugs at all and just give it to the people and hope it wont kill them.If you said yes is that what your meaning. Do not ban animal testing. We dont need to kill humans.

  • Who will test the medicines?

    If animal testing was to be banned, the scientific field would suffer greatly. Many medicines would have to be released to public unsafe and untested, to animals as well. This would lead to global repercussions such as a great deal of people/animals suffering from negative side effects of untested medicine.

    There is only so much scientific testing can achieve,. Right now, it is not possible for us to recreate a human or animal that experiences no pain and can be used as a test subject. We can however, limit the extent of animal testing and prevent animals from being subjected to unnecessary harm.

  • But what about humans

    There is no magic brain dummy as you would describe that is pure stupidity concentrate ( trade marked) so you would be willing to sacrifice your friends and families lives to awful illnesses all because you thought that animal was too cute to test on. That is selfish and cruel you would be the heartless one that would kill humans to save an animal you monster.

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