• To the response in the no section

    I would make this a comment but I can't comment. Person in the no section I was never bullied and am not even remotely overweight. You see all the stupid debates nowadays do you really think they are productive for this website? There is a fat @$$ living in mothers basement spamming his stupid debates all over website and making people leave. In fact you are probably the fat idiot. Fat @$$ we will get you off this website, We will get you are name and verification

  • Please make accounts a requirement

    I really hate looking through the opinions section on this website only to find garbage debates posted by stupid dumb idiots. Literally so dumb while I am trying to learn, Only to find spam. Those fat losers need to just go jer***k off instead of posting stupid dummy stuff here.

  • That is exactly what your are doing

    Spamming the website, Remaining anonymous. Were you bullied for being fat or something? You could hurl any other insults but for some reason you seem to gravitate toward weight issues?
    Did your parents hurt your feeling or did your classmates? Does that weigh on your mind?
    The second you make names and verification required is the second people stop being open and honest.
    This website does allow anyone to post what they believe and I can actually see what people think or what humors them.
    Some people may believe in garbage but I can see how they think and study them.
    You are probably get too upset easily and need someone to tell you are special. If you want to be among your people go to Tumblr or some moderated site too afraid to speak what they actually believe.

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