Ban on advertising: Would any gain from the ban be significant?

  • Advertisement Ban Would Be Awesome

    I think there would be great potential for the banning of advertisements. Any more people are constantly inundated with advertising and banning it would mean a great change to consumers. This ban would basically dictate the end of Internet advertising, commercials, print ads, radio commercials, and more. Without advertising people would be less aware of products and less likely to purchase items they do not need.

  • An advertising ban would increase happiness for many

    Our society is suffering from an epidemic of disorders that are worsened by advertising, among them anorexia and body dysmorphic disorder. Advertising, with its constant procession of attractive actors and actresses pretending to be so happy, attempts to convince people that they cannot be happy unless they are also attractive and constantly consuming. For these reasons, people might enjoy healthier relationships and self-images if advertising were banned, which is definitely a huge gain to both societies and individuals.

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