Ban on Antarctic exploitation: Should tourism and recreational activities in Antarctica be minimized?

  • Harmful to ecology

    Antartica is highly fragile, Particularly to foreign organisms and humans as the ecology has evolved with no natural human population. There are some regulation policies but they are not effective when compared to the impact that humans have on the region. South Korea does not allow its citizens to travel there- I think that is a very wiseand honourble decision by their Government.

  • Antarctica Explorers are Good!

    When Antarctica explorers go to Antarctica they can find out new places and information and bring it back to the country they came from. It is also good to learn about the climate and how we can help, See the sights and learn more about the animals and their habitats. Help Antarctica.

  • Access to Antarctica should be restricted to those with a serious scientific purpose

    The more vessels visiting the continent, the greater the chance of catastrophic oil spills or for rogue operators to neglect proper waste management (both already problems in the Alaskan cruise industry). Overall, tourism will create a precedent for economic exploitation that may make it harder to defend the unique status of the continent in the future.

  • Oil spills in antarctica

    Did you know when you travel to antartica and your boat leaks ya your leaving oil in the fresh waters that the animals need to survive. And when your on your boat and you have food what do you do with it you throw it. Into the water. About 10 tons of oil is spilled into the water per year thats alot!

  • Tourism Should be Completely banned without and Terms and Conditions!!!!

    May be that Global warming is causing imbalance in winds and peguins at Antarctica but the tourism will definitely make a long term impact on the continent. After few years people will make some tourist attractions there...We have no write to pollute the clean environment with tons of oil, smoke , diesel and human waste etc. Just because people have money, they should not be allowed to exploit the nature

  • WE WILL DAMAGE IT (eventually)

    There are lots of oil spills in Antarctica and lots of people are capturing Antarctic and Artic animals to bring them back to zooz or animal rescue. And seriously, if they are called animal rescue, why they don't free the penguins? Waste in Antarctica had a very harmful impact to Antarctica.

  • Leave it alone

    Tourists should not be able to visit Antarctica because everyone leaves rubbish behind them. If approx 5000 people visit Antarctica then there will be at least 5000 pieces of rubbish left there. Imagine what the animals would do with that rubbish? Eat it? And suffocate. Also we come in boats, what happened if one day your boat crashed or broke down, there would be an oil spill which would harm the animals and environment.

  • Yes, we may damage the environment

    First of all, we may increase global warming by going to the source issue, ice. This is a problem because the ice melts to water which could end up sinking low lying areas of land. We also may kill off endangered species and make other species become endangered. This is why I think Antarctic tourism should be banned or at least minimized.

  • Where the money should go

    Money is a massive aspect of human life. If tourism increased it would be suggested that we build facilities and attractions in order for more tourists. This is not where the money should go. 13% of people are hungry or starved. 14% of people in the world can’t read. 43% of citizens live without basic sanitation. Are you still sure about spending this money on building accommodation for tourists? It would be completely selfish to do this.

  • Tourism should be banned in the Antarctic!!

    Tourism should surely be banned in Antarctica because we will cause more pollution, increase global warming, introduce new diseases, sicken and kill off the animals and melt the ice. The dangers for us humans are that Polar Bears threaten us, it is freezing cold, completely isolated and the ice may well melt beneath our feet!!

  • Antarctica Explorers are Good!

    When Antarctica explorers go to Antarctica they can find out new places and information and bring it back to the country they came from. It is also good to learn about the climate and how we can help, See the sights and learn more about the animals and their habitats. Help Antarctica.

  • Rising water level

    If tourism is aloud in Antarctica would start to get global warming causing its ice to melt rising the water level causing parts of foreign countries to get flooded making it unsafe to live nearby. Nevertheless these circumstances would be absurd if it isn't done and it would be totally ludicrous

  • Don't ban tourism

    Antarctica deserves to be seen!!! It is a continent that is part of Earth!!! Scientists can do tests to determine the climate and safeness of traveling. Over 10,000 tourists visit and they thought it was worth the money!! Traveling to Antarctica would be a great accomplishment and experience to many people!

  • Whats the point!

    We should be using the earth as we please there would be no point to just watch antarctica from afar. If we don't use it then its just sitting there. Its like watching a diamond and not using it .I conclude that we should use antartica and good bye thank you

  • Leave antarctica the way it is

    E sea level will rise due to the melting of ice in antarctica.It is been researched that the sea level will rise 150cm if all the ice melted in antarctica the ice is too fragile to hold so many people.The tourists could kill endangered animals and species.People can get frostbite

  • No, Its amazing to broaden your mind

    I’m sure you would’ve heard the saying that travel broadens the mind. In this context, travel broadens your mind in Going to Antarctica will give us a different perspective of Antarctica’s features: environmental problems, the climate and landscapes. Antarctica is not just snow and ice, theres also a lot of different
    animals to see

  • No, it's a golden opportunity to share the splendor of the continent and educate the world about it.

    I don't think Antarctica should be off limits to tourists; in fact, I would like to see tourist facilities opened up there. I think opening one that is associated with one of the research stations would be an eco-friendly, responsible approach to tourism and would also bring in research dollars. The type of people that would be attracted to this type of adventure would interested in ecology and therefore respectful of the continent.

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