Ban on caffeinated alcohol drinks: Do caffeine-alcohol drinks impair (yes) or enhance (no) party?

  • Yes, they are dangerous for teens.

    Yes, caffeinated alcohol drinks should be banned because caffeine-alcohol drinks impair functions and are very dangerous for teenagers. These drinks injure and even kill many people. There is no reason to have them. There are other drinks that people can enjoy, and there is no reason that these drinks need to be legal.

  • I Believe in Responsibility

    First, the opposing side, which states that these CABs are too dangerous for people, and that it will injure and kill many people, assumes that people will not consume with moderation.

    Secondly, they say it is dangerous for teenagers. They are assuming teenagers will drink CABs even though alcohol is illegal to drink in the U.S, where CABs are already banned. The teenagers would be breaking law, so that point is irrelevant.

  • A Great Combination

    Caffeine and alcohol have been used together for a long period of human history. The combination helps combat the depressant properties of alcohol while simultaneously allowing alcohol users to enjoy the social benefits of the drug. By allowing people to stay more awake and energetic, caffeine alcohol drinks enhance the parties.

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