Ban on cage fighting: Should Cage Fighting (or MMA) be banned for it being too violent?

  • One strong indicator of our societies mental state.

    Spectators are accepting this as the new norm. To support the idea of human pain for entertainment is an indicator of a detereorating mental state of mind. Old generations teach new ones how to solve their problems with one another. This is not a healthy way of entertainment. Who is to blame? If not those who consume these ideas of entertainment.

  • It effects younger generations towards violence

    Should be banned, leads youth to rage, violence, bad mouthing, the culture itself is abusive (although back in the days and traditional countries still are respectful), just check out the swearing and abusive language used on your right hand side and you will understand. These types of martial arts techniques should not be so popularized (although available) and attached to violence, fame, rage.


  • It is barbaric and shows what violent apes we are

    What sort of person gets pleasure seeing other humans kicking elbowing and hammering someone already on the floor and unconscious its a sport for nutters why not bring back gladiators and bear baiting lots of blood for the sicko,s boxing although still violent at least has some rules to protect

  • Just take a look at the no arguments , says it all

    No arguments needed really. Just look at the breed of fucking retards saying it's perfectly fine as a sport. That answers any questions. It's a job for fucking nuggets that cannot gold a full time job, or the bully that likes to best up people for a laugh.

    Let them kill each other who fucking cares.

  • Yes it should be banned

    Cage fighting does a lot of physical damage to the body. The sport is known for the amount of fractures, bleeding, sores, pains and drug usage.(show picture) As you can see, this happened to many MMA, mixed martial arts competitor. (Show picture)This also happens all the time and so does this (show picture). Now I will show you a video of what else happens to them. I will warn you if you don’t like these picture, you won’t like the video any better (show video). Drugs are also used in this sport and because of this many young fighter that live in aged cares because internal organs are severely scarred. The overuse of alcohol may lead them into living a short life. If we stop cage fighting in Australia then I think that many people will not live a short life or live in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives.
    Cage fighting also does a lot of mental effects on people. Many people that participate in cage fighting live a life of uncertainty. Many people become blind (show picture), some get disorders and some can’t recover knock outs (show picture) and others get dementia. People such as Michael Bisping had one eye become blind he said he was devastated and would not fight in cage fights again. People have gotten disorders such as bipolar disorder, bipolar disorder is another way of expressing mood swings, depression and many people want to commit suicide. Fighters also get a dementia called Neurodegenerative disease or dementia pugilistica. These dementias are caused by concussions and with these dementias you lose neurons and the ability to communicate well. These problems will stop happening if the government ban cage fighting.

  • Dangerous, point blank dangerous.

    Essentially it's bare knuckle fighting, that once you have knocked out your opponent in the traditional manner, the referee is that slow un qualified and stupid, he then watches the attacking fighter, jump into the air, and dive down as if into a swimming pool fist first into the heavily dazed if not substantially incapacitated fighter on the floor. Disgusting!!! These men are going to have serious problems and deaths won't be far off. I am a Thai boxer, and I believe in sport, referees that are exactly that and I do not for one second condone teaching a generation of people that if someone attacks you in the street you instantly put your face into thier groin and wrestle them, because if said person has assailants you will be kicked in the face your head will be stamped on and being on the floor will ultimately lead to you being beaten. The absolute and utter fear of a stand up fight that's old as time itself is now manifested in mma matches. Brutal head bangers un supervised brain washing a generation to cuddle someone when you are attacked. And if you do knock someone out!! It's perfectly acceptable to continue to hit them in the head until you run out of breath and thier brain oozes from thier ears. IDIOTS!!!!!!!

  • Yes it should be banned.

    So it is a huge industry and people make a living from it - so his human trafficking. It is dangerous and could lead to damaging injuries with lifelong complications. It is just a matter of time before someone dies in a fight - there have already been fighters who have come close to dying. Whatever the arguments are about it involving martial arts, martial arts end with a take down. In MMA, once the take down has been achieved, then the beating begins. Its not a sport - its legalized assault.

  • Yes, cage fighting should be banned.

    Cage fighting is to violent and should be banned. It is grossly unsafe for its competitors. One only needs to look at boxing and at all the old boxers with their health complications. In boxing thick gloves are used to reduce punching force. In cage fighting punches are not even reduced.

  • Course it shouldnt be banned

    My parents dont like it and wont let me talk about it or show them pictures but i love the sport and fighters know what theyre getting into and i know the riskd when i step in the cage but its a risk im willing to take as like alot of people love football i love mma

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  • How About NO!

    MMA Fighters are aware of the possibilities of getting injured. We do have a thing called insurance. What is so bad about the thrill of fighting another man/woman to test their limits and see who will come out on top. Stop complaining about other peoples choices to be pro fighters and take home the title.

  • Fuck that off

    Any cunt who fucking believes this shit should be banned needs to kill themselves immediately before they waste the worlds natural resources on their disgusting excuse of existence. I would personally slit the throats of people who feel the sport needs to be banned, that is all, have a nice day.

  • No it shouldn't be banned

    Its a just sport they get hurt, injured whatever but they sign up for it they know what they are getting into so if they don't like it they shouldn't fight. If you don't like it just change the channel you don't have to watch it. Its like saying we should ban car racing cause that's a hell of a lot more dangerous then cage fighting

  • No, it shouldn't.

    Banning cage fighting is useless because people will just turn to underground fights. May people think that boxing is a safer sport but what they don't realise it that while cage fighting has a total of 12 fatalities, boxing has approx 70 recorded deaths due to head trauma and cerebral haemorraging

  • No F'ing way

    Cage fighting allows for a much safer environment than fights that would otherwise be held underground or in the street. Fighting has been a sport for centuries and will continue for the rest of time and banning a traditional sport is just idiotic and will just cause for more fights held underground with less restrictions and more chance of getting seriously hurt

  • So boxing should be banned as well?

    Boxing is far more a dangerous sport. Okay at the end of a MMA fight the guys are usually more bloodied up than boxers due to no protection on elbows, however after they get knocked unconscious... The fight is over. In boxing a boxer can suffer up to 3 knockouts in the same fight. Now although this could look safer because there is no blood, it isn't. Getting your brain rattled around the inside of your skull to the point where you can't stand properly 3 times in the same hour can lead to much more serious mental health problems in later life. I mean look at Ali? Watch the Joe Frazier fights and tell me that they are safer than getting a cut on your eyebrow (which when it is bleeding too much then the fight is stopped anyway).

    I think what many people don't understand is that it is in some men's nature to want to express their power and fight. Now like it or not MMA and Boxing allows them to do that and they know the risks. So preventing people from wanting to do that only increases the likelihood of them bullying innocent people in the streets who do not want to fight.

  • It should not be banned

    In the argument for cage fighting to be banned and or MMA they stated that hits are not reduced like boxing. At all. Well they are, they have regulation gloves you MUST wear in order to fight. It is regulation. Granite they are not as thick but they are existant

  • No, it should not.

    Cage fighting (MMA) should definitely not be banned in any way, shape, or form. This is a sport that has been done for years and is essentially a derivative of boxing, kick boxing, and other forms of similar sports. This is a way people make their living and should not be banned because there are those who aspire to one day become a cage fighter. It is a huge industry and will only continue to grow. Banning it would not solve anything and only increase problems.

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