Ban on campaign robocalls: Should election campaign robocalls be banned?

  • Robocalls Should Be Banned

    Yes, election campaign robocalls should be banned as they violate the privacy of the person who receives them. Often times, these robocalls will tie up that person's line and now allow them to receive other calls or make other out-going calls, thus violating that individuals privacy. Robocalls should be banned.

  • Respect the Voter: Ban Robo

    Should election campaign robocalls be banned? That becomes more than a casual question as the countdown progresses toward election day. Candidates spend huge amounts of money for short frantic telephone calls to voters' homes that deliver recorded messages telling the citizen how he should vote and urging him to go do it. In the last days before voting, voters often receive an annoying number of such calls. Campaigns could save money and citizens have their nerves spared if these calls were banned. The money could be used for more respectful, less irritating modes of campaigning.

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