Ban on communist parties: Does the ban uphold political rights of individuals?

  • Communist Parties Ban a Violation of Personal Rights

    Some wonder if communist party bans in our country denied political rights of individuals. A case could be made for that. Communism has been perceived as such a threat to sitting governments and the nations they represent, however, that legislatures have put laws in force to stop the spread of communism by making it illegal to join a communist party. The rebuttal, then, against claims that personal political rights are violated by these laws are that representatives of people put the bans place to protect the welfare of the people. They considered that legislation necessary for their welfare. The recourse of anyone who considered his right violated would be to elect new people to rescind the ban.

  • How can a ban uphold rights?

    Not everyone practices the same religion. That doesn't mean certain religions should be banned. People should be free to practice what they believe in. The same should hold for political parties. People don't have to agree on the communist party's principles. But if people want to promote the beliefs of the party, more power to them. That doesn't mean other people will follow. They have a right to their own political beliefs, just like everyone else.

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