Ban on communist parties: Is communism inherently pernicious?

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  • No they should not be banned.

    There is nothing wrong with the communist ideals. They can be elected to a position in the government just like anyone else. There is too much greed and corruption in a democracy. Give them a chance and maybe they can create the first fair and free communist government. Everyone has a right to have their own political ideas.

  • No political ideology is inherently pernicious

    Communism is not inherently pernicious. In fact, it's core tenets of sharing, equality, collectivism, come from some of the best human values. Collectivist societies (like those formed under communist rule) can so de-emphasize individual rights that they cause human rights violations and cults of personality. Though people (i.e. dictatorial leaders) have the ability to twist communism and the powers it confers to pernicious ends, the ideology is not in itself evil.

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