Ban on door-to-door sales: Should door-to-door sales be banned?

  • Door-to-door salesmen are the worst.

    It is never anything you are interested in and it is 3x what it should cost. Plus, they won't take no for an answer and you almost have to threaten them to get them off the property (I just literally had to). Also, if it is something the want to sample for you, they just do it and don't even ask. It should definitely be illegal. On top of that, they are never the kind pf people I want to cpme to the house when it is just my wife and kids.

  • If I am in my house then it should be mine.

    If it is my house and my privacy it is not freely given away....It is taken by people that invade my space with some pitch I don't want to hear. I have found that if they come to you with a deal it is a bad deal. This is the same with Door to Door and telemarketers as well.

  • Put an END to door to door sales

    We do not need unwanted guests knocking on our doors, especially after 8 PM (which is 90% of the time). A lot of these salesman are rude and aggressive. We need our privacy and do not need to put our family at risk. In today's world, social media plays a huge role in advertising and sales. Everyone relies on the internet. We need to have a law that bans door to door sales.

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  • Door to door sales unnecessary and possibly dangerous.

    If people want services they can look online, or phone if no computer is available at home, and seek out local professionals who have favorable reputations from honest work in their communities. Door to door sales people are usually commission driven and subcontracted from a service outside of the product manufacturer and have no stake in the service providers end game. Some government bans propose to exclude charities and I say no exceptions ban them all as fake name tags can be made with a computer and printer and charities can be found easily in your community if you wish to donate. We have had cases of people opening their doors to a smiling man with an ID tag around his neck only to have the guy force his way in claiming by law he has the right to check the serial number on your water heater for safety reasons and the end game is to try and scam you into an energy agreement, with the extreme case once your door is open you are the victim of a home invasion. I have a no soliciting sticker on my front door only to see these people stop read it then knock anyway and after you point out the sign is telling them they are not welcome some become argumentative and even confrontational. To me these people are trespassers and I will never deal with someone who knocks on my door.

  • Door to door sales is a form of exploitation.

    Many door to door sales jobs prey on people who have a hard time entering the work force with promises of easy earnings. Because of the way these practices run the job ends up being more like slavery, and wages are often never paid. Misclassification of employees as contractors is often used as a way to avoid dealing with labor laws. In addition the job can be downright dangerous, and D2D sales bosses push their customers not to take no for an answer even to the point of legal trouble.

  • Not needed in todays society

    Just a note on the new Blitzkrieg tactics being used, packs of salesmen hitting one area, I recently had a call from a salesman even though I have a sign to discourage this clearly displayed by the door.
    When I pointed this out to him he became aggressive and called for one of his colleagues to back him up, Had I been an elderly person I'm sure this would have been quite upsetting.
    The companies " you get one free ad seems to apply to the salesmen as well"
    So I agree lets a have law banning door to door sales completely, we don't need this sort of aggressive behaviour on our own doorsteps.

  • Ban door to door sales

    This is not the 1980's let's evolve and stop home invasions. Our homes should be one place we feel safe and have our privacy. If we want a service or product we will go on line or call. Keep our children and elderly safe, ban door to door sales to the home.

  • Yes, I believe door to door sales should be banned.

    I believe door to door sales should be banned. There are a lot of other ways to advertise and sell products. Not only would a product get more views online but it would also benefit the seller and the people they are trying to promote their product to. No one likes to answer a door to a seller when they are busy or have a kid that they just put down for a nap. If door to door sales were banned I believe the seller would get a lot more sales by advertising online and annoy a lot less people.

  • You cannot ban freedom of speech.

    Soliciting door to door is a form of speech that is protected by basic rights. Any law created to try and ban it would, Itself, Be illegal and could and would be repealed if any one we to legally challenge it. Unfortunately, It doesn't matter how you feel about it because there is nothing legal that you can do to.

  • Door to door approach is effective way to educate consumer of new products and compete with Monopolies

    Despite of some problems created by inexperienced companies or agents it simply no smart and economically irresponsible to blame whole industry. Please note that you only hear feedback on the web or media from unhappy people. Those who are happy with services being provided or products sold don't have a need to go on the web and post their opinions. Ban is not the right solution. It is good for politicians to score easy points but not good for the economy. Ministry should reach out to the home services companies and give them a chance to fix the problem. Dialog is way to go.

  • Door to door keeps our economy stable

    I do agree that there are a lot of companies going around however some of which are legit companies who can't afford to pay for adversitement and going door to door keeps costs low for the customer and costs low for the company .. Many people would be out of a job and also sales is what keeps the economy turning.. I do think that we should upgrade the consumer protection act that way you can filter out the companies who scam and keep the ones who dont

  • No, they should not be banned.

    There is no reason to ban door-to-door sales. It can be an effective method of pushing wares, and some consumers will even find it convenient to have the product brought directly to them. If someone is at home and does not wish to be interrupted, they always have the option to not answer their door at all.

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