Ban on factory farming: Is factory farming of animals cruel?

  • Economic And Social Collapse - Still Spinning the Same Gears While Human Civilization Disintegrates

    Of Course Its Cruel. It is WAY beyond cruel.

    Most of you wouldn't do the same to your dogs and cats. What is the difference?

    Besides, how brain dead do you have to be to not recognize that any animal will suffer immense hell when forcefully confined, drugged with hormones, castrated without anesthetic, electrically shocked, fed the worst disgust one can imagine that barely provides the most basic of nutritional needs, impregnated over and over and over and over and over and over and over again just to have their babies torn away and subjected to the exact same tortures,...Milked excessively by machines causing internal sores (by the way, humans like all other animals are not meant to drink milk after a certain number of months in infancy and certainly not another animals milk. We are all brainwashed by a multi-trillion dollar industry).

    Lets not even talk about how the poor souls die (slashed, skinned, boiled, electrocuted, thrown into grinders, of course all while fully conscious. Do you know the proper form of Euthanasia for baby pigs is to grab them by their hind legs and swing them, bashing their heads off cement blocks, then throwing them into a pile of other dying baby pigs where their inner light is slowly snuffed out and THIS is standard policy.

    These are all STANDARD policies we never hear about. There is also the excessively long truck rides across continents while being starved and subjected to extreme weather exposure, bumps, braking, jolting, etc inside a big metal container.

    But we do get to hear about all the ADDED abuse that the exceptionally cruel humans partake in.

    I must ask though...WTF do you expect? We raise these helpless animals solely as a product of death (thus few care what happens to them during their life) and at the lowest cost possible to maintain affordability and public consumption.

    On top of all this horror our global economic system is completely broken.

    It comfortably supports about 10% of the population. We have over a billion people starving to death (because they don't have the money to buy food - Earth produces 10 times the amount of food every year then what the entire planet would use). Our mainstream media which is owned and controlled by only six corporations never reports the other staggering fact - 80% of the planet makes ten dollars or less per day. We are all forced to fight for scraps while the richest 200 people have the combined wealth of 2.7 trillion dollars which by the way is much higher than the combined wealth of the poorest 3.5 billion people (2.2 trillion dollars).

    Meanwhile the planets governments are 54 trillion dollars in debt, the U.S. government alone with over 17 trillion dollars of debt. Ten thousand other problems, many of which are just as severe.

    Yet, we can't figure out how to fix things. It is going to take a logical shift in thought. (TedX Peter Joseph)

  • Yes, factory farming is cruelty of animals.

    Farms where chickens are stuck in a small box for their entire life are cruel. There are reports of chickens that can not walk because they never learned how due to the small crate that they live in. This is not humane. There is nothing wrong with eating meat, but the animal should have a pleasant life up until that point.

  • No, factory farming is not cruel.

    No, factory farming of animals is not inherently cruel. The animals are born, they are cared for, and they die - little different than other types of farming. As with almost anything else, there are good implementations and bad ones. Some factory farms probably are cruel. However, some is not all.

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