Ban on factory farming: Is there a good product quality and value associated with factory farmed goods?

  • We should ban factory farming

    I think we should ban factory because a lot of animals be treated poorly and with a lot of disrespect. Also a lot of animals suffer and die from not being safe feeding them chemicals etc and more. We should ban factory farming . BE ON OUR SIDE YEAH !

  • No, factory farming isn't a good idea.

    If we are to think about quality of food in a wholistic manner, we could not be satisfied with animals being treated as commodities. We would also realize that produce that's harvested in this manner is lacking in nutrients and taste. Yet there is value in the sense that more people can afford food because of this.

  • There is not a high quality of food product from factory farmed goods

    It is just a product. When we take the contact of human interaction out of the farming process, it becomes just a process. Not that human interaction provided no room for mistake but that the touch and detail orientation is on a deeper level. No plastic pieces or most importantly no chemicals go into natural farming methods. The freshness is available and not saturated in preservatives of harmful cancer causing elements. The cost is cheaper too. No over spending on equipment and the up keep of the systems. The regulation can be easier and less stressful.

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