Ban on factory farming: Should ˜factory farming™ be banned?

  • Factory farming now

    Factory farming is so cruel and intense and should not be allowed. The welfare of the animals should always take priority. The workers have no feelings whatsoever for the animals. This is one of the main reasons why the public are now turning Vegan to stamp this cruelty out once and for all. These cruel factory workers need to loose their jobs as they should not be near animals. They are sick.

  • Inhumane and environmentally destructive.

    Factory farms have been as polluting to water sources as regular factories, what with chemicals and suchlike pumped and injected into animals and their food. Mass production of livestock has never been a good idea anyway; I'm not saying everyone should be vegetarian like me, but the consumption of meat should be minimised because it's 10 times less efficient than the consumption of vegetables (by the Ten Percent Law). Besides, the cruelty of factory farming, which is frequently a topic of concern on various YouTube videos, is too great for it to continue. It violates the principle of benevolence to allow such activities to continue.

  • Have you seen the way animals are treated in factory farms?

    Baby chicks and piglets are thrown around and the chicks are ground up into meat while they are still alive! The piglets get their tails ripped off! As for calves they basically torture them to death. They put a large stun gjn against the claves head then while its laying on he floor, the stamp on its head and neck until its dead. Adult cows and pigs are whipped and stabbed with pitchforks constantly. Then, while they are still alive, are hung upside down and their throats are slit to let the blood out. Sometimes their necks get attached to a rope on a little crane then the crane lifts them up so they hang to death. These animals are supposed to live in open spaces but most cant even turn around in their cages. They live never even being able to breathe fresh air until they are on the truck to the slaughtehouse! Tell me, how is that at all humane?! They can feel pain and emotions just like us. They should not be treated this way and factory farming should definitely be banned!

  • Animals have feelings like humans factory farming is terrible

    I have never liked that people hunt animals in general because we have other sources of food unlike wolves an lions mean is their diet and anything else could be unhealthy. Although raising a living soul is inhumane, these animals will never even have a chance to see freedom. It is cruel to Factory farm these poor animals

  • Factory farming is abusive and destructive

    High production corporate "factory farms" are rushing animals through an unnatural growth process to fatten them up for the slaughter. The original concept of farming was how individuals and families would feed themselves. Farming was never meant to be a high speed conveyor belt of abused and chemically treated animals and crops grown specifically for a profit. Shop carefully and avoid factory farmed food.

  • I say No way!!

    Likewise farming has always been the burden of artificial, man-made patterns on nature. This is just another part of that. I mean there are way worse conditions animals are living in today.There is very little cruelty or suffering in factory farming – certainly no more than in traditional forms of farming, which is the correct comparison to make (rather than thinking of a ban in a standalone sense) since food will still have to be produced in one way or another.

  • Factory farming should not be banned.

    I don't think factory farming should be banned because I don't think that it is that bad. It couldn't be that bad to mass produce animals because they may be unhealthy, but we are only going to eat them, we are not going to give them a cardiovascular test of some sort.

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