Ban on full Muslim veil: Is the full veil a valuable form of expression?

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  • A woman can dress as she wants.

    People that like to talk about how oppressed some muslim women are for being forced to wear the veil when she doesn't want to are hypocrites for than forcing woman not to wear the veil when she does want to wear it. It's her body and if she wants to cover it than that's her choice. All she's doing is practicing her religion which she is free to do as long as she doesn't harm anyone or her self.

  • Full Muslim veils should not be banned

    If a woman chooses to express her beliefs by wearing a full veil in observance, she should not be banned from doing so. If wearing the veil jeopardizes her profession or safety, an adult woman should still be allowed to decide how she chooses to dress in observance of her religion. However, women and girls should not be forced to wear full veils.

  • The Muslim Veil in a Free Society

    While the Muslim veil is considered a religious article, many non-Muslims are opposed to it for the simple reason that it hides the face from view and makes identification more difficult, as well as being a distraction in the workplace. Women's groups consider it a sign of oppression and a slap in the face for women's rights worldwide. While Muslim women are certainly able to follow their customs in their own countries, they should respect the customs of their non-Muslim adopted countries.

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