Ban on horns at football games: Should horns at football games be banned?

  • Horns should be banned at football games

    Horns should be banned at football games because they take away some of the enjoyment of the game by providing an annoying distraction to the players and the fans who have paid to enjoy the game. There will have to be a ban because some people have no self control and would not be able to heckle or honk whenever they feel like rather then during certain times. There will always have to be bans because people have no self control and many are incapable of empathizing with others. As long as they are enjoying the game their behavior is completely acceptable.

  • Ban the horns

    Yeah sure we should probably get rid of them at football games. Not only do thy annoy everyone they have potential to cause some serious ear damage. Just imagine if the person next to you brought one to a football game and relentlessly blew it. I promise you by the halftime show your ears will be ringing

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