Ban on human reproductive cloning: Does human cloning encounter safety problems?

  • Yes it does.

    There are all kinds of safety problems that could be encountered when humans are cloned. I don't think that we really know what could happen because as far as I know humans haven't been cloned yet. One thing that it could cause it for a new disease to appear in the clone.

  • Human Cloning is Dangerous

    By most measures, human cloning is dangerous on ethical grounds rather than scientific ones. We're fully capable of cloning human beings, but the repercussions of doing so haven't been fully explored yet. There's no reason we should even entertain the idea of cloning humans until the subject has been further researched.

  • Yes. I believe that human cloning will encounter safety problems.

    Yes. I believe that human cloning will encounter safety problems, because it is a violation of nature. As advanced as today's science is, we must admit that there are still some things we don't know. Altering some ones genetic code through reproductive cloning could have disastrous, and unknown affects on someone.

  • Any New Scientific/Technological Endeavor Has Safety Problems

    Just as nuclear energy, space exploration and coal mining are dangerous exploits, human cloning is also has potential safety problems. What happens if a clone dies after just a few years because of genetic defects? If the clone takes 200 tries before it becomes fully viable, is that murder? Will clones have congenital defects that make them unable to function in normal society?

  • Human Cloning Effects are Still Relatively Unknown

    Although I have heard that the process is relatively simple, I do believe there is still a margin for error. Human cloning has always been considered taboo and my thoughts are that the cloning process could potentially lead to something with different chemical processes, health parameters and negative/possibly dangerous effects to the clone and/or the human patient.

  • Cloning will be great for society but also extremely dangerous if not controlled

    Cloning is definitely in the future for our society as there are a plethora of reasons why it makes sense (growing human organs, edible food, etc) however if it is not controlled could be extremely dangerous. While I'm sure the technology is very far from modern day use, it would not surprise me to see the very wealthy eventually be able to afford to clone copies of themselves in the future or even worse clone servants/workers or even armies. Cloning needs to be heavily regulated and watched so this future doomsday scenario can never happen.

  • Human cloning is not a safety problem.

    Human cloning is a prospective way of eliminating some diseases or deformities in human beings. In doing so, it could eliminate suffering endured everyday by people who currently have few options for treatment. It can also lower the risk of infant abandonment by giving parents the opportunity to insure that they have healthy babies of the sex and with the physical features that they most desire.

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