Ban on human reproductive cloning: Does human cloning harm the integrity of the family?

  • Human cloning is wrong for our society

    Human cloning is like marrying a sibling and should be banned it is really disgusting and extremely wrong for someone to do. Cloning can risk a womans health and could possibly cause ovarian cancer, infertility,and other health hazards. Therefore i think that cloning humans should be banned and should never happen on animals or humans.

  • Human Cloning Harms Family Integrity

    Cloning human beings harms the integrity of the family and ethical standards. For that reason, we shouldn't clone ourselves for any reason. Any type of human cloning comes with dangerous consequences, and we're not ready to handle those ramifications. We need to cease attempts at human cloning in this day and age.

  • Human cloning harms the integrity of the family.

    Human cloning harms the integrity of the family because it is disrespectful to human life. If people were allowed to clone humans, it would be unnatural. There is no reasonably natural reason that a person would need an exact genetic copy of themself. Cloning should be outlawed in the future.

  • Human cloning is unethical and should be stopped

    The abiilty to clone humans is straight out of a science fiction novel and it should be banned. The idea that I can be physically remade is nauseating. The science should be applied elsewhere: in the reparation of damaged organs or in investigation degenerative diseases--not cloning humans whole. I believe that starts a slippy and unethical slope that can compromise many of our values.

  • Just a Reproductive Technology, the only problem is that it is not ready yet

    Cloning is just a reproductive technology. Just another way to have a child.

    However, we are not ready to allow it yet. First scientists must perfect the technology so that concerns about possible health issues such as premature aging are eliminated.

    I anticipate that people are more likely to want modified clones rather than pure clones. With emerging understanding of genetics parents could have gene therapy in the womb so the child only gets the good genes and none of the ones they don't want.

    And then not everyone will want a clone. But people have test tube babies today and it has not been a problem. There's no reason to think that cloning would disrupt society.

  • Harm the integrity of the family?

    Of course not! Cloning and the integrity of the family doesn't connect at all. If people say that it is connected, the why? So what? It is for you but not for me? Would you rather see your loved one die? Or would you prefer to see them live longer?

  • Human Embryos Aren't People

    Human cloning in its present form poses no threat to the integrity of the family whatsoever. Frozen embryos aren't people. Frozen embryos are potential people, but not people. The owners of those embryos can do with them as they see fit. In the future, human cloning may present a new set of ethical dilemmas. But for now, the human family shouldn't worry about a clone coming in and ruining a marriage.

  • It does not.

    Human cloning does not harm the integrity of the family. While this seems like a crazy thing to do, cloning actually happens in the natural reproductive process. Identical twins are clone, and a clone would be made the same way. Their DNA is 100% the same, but they will be a little bit different.

  • The idea of a traditional family is overrated

    We've been redefining what marriage and family means for centuries. The idea that one version of a family is more correct than another is silly. A family is a nurturing unit, and I don't think that in an age of cloning that it would change the basics of how families interact and raise future generations.

  • No, not at all.

    I don't see what cloning has to do with the integrity of the family. If we're talking about a planned cloning for reproduction, then it seems like it would make the family stronger, if anything. I don't see a difference between it and doing medical in vitro fertilizations, or even adoption. If a family wants a child so badly that they're willing to go through any of those, I think it would help the integrity of the family, not harm it.

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