Ban on human reproductive cloning: Is human cloning contrary to the notion of human dignity?

  • Yes, Animals Are Available For Scientific Experiementation

    Yes, human cloning is contrary to the notion of human dignity, because human life is too important to be used for experimental purposes, and also because every person is unique. Human cloning is also unnecessary. There are animals, such as mice, rats, and even cats, that scientists can clone for scientific purposes. Human life is far too important for experimentation. Scientists can make many advances by working on animals.

  • There should be a ban on human reproductive cloning.

    In my opinion, this has nothing to do with human dignity. It has to do with the illogical "doing science for the sake of science, not of society." We are still capable of reproducing our selves from age 14 to age 40. I see no need to clone humans or any other animals.

  • Human cloning is wrong.

    I understand the various health benefits and idea of scientific progress that stands behind human cloning but at a fundamental level I feel that human cloning is wrong. There is a notion of human dignity that goes against being born out of a test tube and that is where I stand.

  • Yes, it creates robots.

    Yes, human cloning is contrary to the notion of human dignity, because it takes human beings and creates robots. A clone would be subjected to constant testing and monitoring. They wouldn't be allowed to live a life as normal human. In a way, the clone would be a slave. This is contrary to human dignity and should not happen.

  • Human Cloning is Moraly Wrong

    Human cloning is contrary to the notion of human dignity. It significantly devalues the value of human lives and makes humans or gives the impression to others that humans are mere objects of cloning and manipulation. Even if it used to advance human health and create better humans with less diseases, it is wrong on many levels.

  • Clones Aren't Humans

    Human clones aren't humans at this point. Human dignity refers to helping people live decent lives and not in squalor. The only human clones to this point are embryos that haven't been grown to fully developed people. If we can produce adult clones from scratch, will they have the exact same personality as their genetic donors? We don't know yet. If clones have free will, how we treat those clones will largely determine how we have progressed as a society since the anti-slavery movement 150 years ago.

  • It is not.

    The ban on human reproductive cloning is stupid. It is no against the notion of human dignity. The body already does a form a cloning, and that is when you get identical twins. So if it happens naturally, there is not reason to make it happen through a scientific way.

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