Ban on human reproductive cloning: Is human cloning unnecessary to the advancement of humanity?

  • And I do not

    With a human cloning, most people may think it to be great because of the opportunities it provides. However, they do no think about society. There would be a segregation between the perfect folk and the genetically imperfect folk. Hitler would have finally gotten the "perfect human race" after all.

  • Human have exsisted without cloning and it should stay that way

    Yes, I agree that cloning is unnecessary to the advancement of humanity. We are perfectly able to reproduce without the use of cloning. Not to mention it is unnatural and throws off the balance of natural selection and nature. I understand that in some circumstances people are desperate to save an existing life, but death is a part of living.

  • Human cloning is unnecessary to the advancement of humanity.

    Human cloning is unethical and it is not necessary for the advancement of humanity. Although some genetic techniques are helpful for treating and curing diseases, cloning is not one of them. It would not be natural for a clone of a human being to be created. The process of creating a clone would not be respectful to human life.

  • Yes not necessary

    Human cloning is not necessary to the advancement of humanity but it doesn't mean it won't help. We can advance without anything, as we will just find something to take its place. However there are some advancements that can be a big help in advancement and I think that human cloning is worth our time to see what it can do.

  • Human cloning is dangerous

    Human cloning could result in ideas that a clone is not a real person, and thus able to be enslaved. Mankind has always sought slaves and slavery exists today in those who must work for a wage. Those who would like to enslave people would find the perfect candidate in a clone, which would have no family, and a basis to be private property. This should not be permitted.

  • I support it

    Yes I am with human cloning. Research states when you proceed in human cloning that the clone will not be how old the original person is it will start off as a newborn baby. Since I'm 13 my clone will be just one minute old . Also some women aren't able to have children due to problems in the uterus they could have a child that is just like them! But they can teach them to grow up in a different way

  • Human cloning is necessary

    Human cloning is a necessary tool for the advancement of humanity. This is because of the fact that studies have shown that the rate at which we are evolving technologically is too fast for our natural evolution. We need to take evolution into our own hands to be able to keep up with our own personal advancement.

  • Depends On The Desired Advancement

    I believe the answer to your question has more to do with what advancement you are referring to. If we would want to turn the human race into a more advanced, healthier, and smarter group; then clearly reproductive cloning is the way to do that. I personally believe it is best to ban human reproductive cloning because it will cause a class war like we've never seen before.

  • No, the ban on human cloning is necessary to protect humanity.

    There is not a necessity to advance society with human cloning. Embryonic cloning may be an effective alternative to solving medical mysteries; however, to bring a cloned homosapien, or any other cloned animal into this world is not only against biblical meanings, it is against the laws of humanity, and nothing but catastrophe will come from it. Imagine the fanatical side of cloning the extreme perfect existence. The results are horrifying.

  • I do not support it!

    It's against the laws of nature to make another copy of you because that is playing God it is inhumane to even think that you can make a carbon copy of something original that is with the exception of twins but even THEY do not have identical DNA. But it should be banned forever then in a different scenario they would start to develop and get smarter and then overthrow the human race in a different scenario.

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