Ban on human reproductive cloning: Should human reproductive cloning be banned and punishments leveled against it?

  • Ban reproductive cloning to continue what B. Clinton started

    Banning reproductive cloning is important for a healthy America. It is a very bipartisan issue in many ways. William Clinton decided to put sanctions on cloning when sheep were being cloned, and it is healthy to continue in that direction with the new rules regarding cloning. Reproductive cloning should be no exception.

  • Cloning not okay.

    There should not be any cloning anytime in the near future. We have no idea what that would do for the psyche and for other aspects of life. There are some people who say that it would be useful, but I don't think what the world needs is more and more people.

  • Cloning is not natural

    Yes, cloning should be banned. It is not natural for humans to dictate what a person should or should not be. If cloning is found being practiced, those that are a part of it should be punished without hesitation. Human should be formed according to natural selection, picking choosing what traits a best for a human will dilute the human race.

  • yesd but i can't exactly explain it

    i'm not a particularly religious person but reproductive cloning is a clear and distinct line. scientists have this problem where they tend to forget that playing god has bad effects. we just might have to remind them by banning reproductive cloning. they can kick and scream all they want, but tis is just wrong.

  • No not a full ban

    There should not be a full ban on human cloning. Human cloning may be the key to a successful and healthy future for all mankind so to ban it now would be wrong. There should be controlled tests and more research into it so we can fully understand the powers.

  • Human reproductive cloning should not be banned

    Human reproductive cloning should not be banned, and punishments should not be leveled against it. This is because of the fact that this advancement in science and the application of it will only make mankind prosper. Banning this vital step in human evolution is an unwise move, and shouldn't happen.

  • No, It Could Help With Medical Advancement

    No, I think reproductive cloning could actually be beneficial in the medical field. If cloning were done properly, it could allow for cells to be developed which would aid in transplants and organ donation. The body would be able to accept new organs or transfusion with greater ease, and less recovery time. It may also help to increase immune systems to battle disease.

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