Ban on human reproductive cloning: Will human reproductive cloning lead to greater social inequality?

  • Clones will be thought of as not real humans

    It will be said that you're not real humans you don't this stuff or you don't deserve to go here etc. and eventually they will be pushed out of society and possibly die of. Altogether cloning will have be like the new time of blacks and whites were clones are thought of as as lower beings than the regular humans

  • That's A Loaded Question

    Of course it would. The fact at the cost would be prohibitive for anyone without a large pocketbook would mean that the poor would continue to be effected by their ability to clone themselves. What may be the great equalizer for a while is the imperfections in cloning. The rich would want to make themselves smarter and healthier than the rest of the population, but would cloning actually make this possible.

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  • Human cloning is bad

    Human cloning would have a lot of significant horrible effects, not only including social inequality. We have such a high population that we can barely support our basic needs such as water and food. If there are clones and therefore more people, it would be even worse. It shouldn't happen.

  • The future doesn't look bright for clones.

    If we consider the dystopian future where clones are raised to be farmed for organs then yes, there would be greater social inequality. Why? Because it would create a second class of citizens both in people who could not afford the expense and upkeep of an organ farm donor, and also the clones themselves, who would have no rights beyond being used as parts replacement.

  • Initially, Those That Can Afford Clones Will Buy Them

    Clones, like cell phones, will initially be things that only rich people can afford. Yet, after 25 years of car phones and then cell phones, everyone now has a mobile phone. Clones and cloning technology will be same way. Only those that can afford such things will have access to cloning tech at first. Eventually, it will become mainstream. But initially, cloning tech will have greater social inequality between the "haves" and "have nots." Those that have clones will be of greater social status than those that don't.

  • Yes, It Will Increase Poverty

    I believe human reproductive cloning will lead to greater social inequalities. If you consider how this would work, it is obvious that the richest people in the world would be able to afford this new option. In the ability to clone themselves or possibly create the perfect off spring, they would continue to hoard more and more of the world's wealth. This in turn would increase poverty for the rest of the world.

  • Human reproductive cloning will lead to greater social inequality

    Human reproductive cloning will lead to greater social inequality. This is because of the fact that initially there will be a large rift in the strengths and abilities of those who were born naturally, and those who weren't born naturally. This will create a sense of social inequality if cloning were to be normal.

  • Cloning will lead to More Inequality

    Yes human cloning is going to lead to more social inequality. The price of cloning is not going to be cheap, although the benefits may be great. This means that those who can afford it will have more benefits and are going to separate more from those who can't afford it.

  • Clones would be treated equally

    And I know no serious advocate of human cloning who advocates otherwise. We human cloning advocates see cloning as being akin to in-vitro fertilization. Just another reproductive option once the research provides a safe, reliable way of doing it. It would produce a new individual human child who just happens to have the same DNA as their parent.

    Plots where clones are treated as slaves or as organ farms may make interesting drama for science fiction stories, but they're NOT reality. People need to learn to separate science fiction from reality.

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