Ban on human reproductive cloning: Will individualism be undermined by cloning?

  • Individualism Matters to Society

    Being an individual is an important thing, especially in the 21st century. Being an individual deals with our personal Identity and what we mean to ourselves. When we create clones, they will affect us and we might not know the true meaning of being individual. STOP CLONING, START FINDING YOURSELF

  • Individualism will be undermined by cloning.

    Individualism will be undermined by cloning. We are not god and we should not try to act like it. It is wrong in my opinion to try to clone humans. We do not know what kind of mess we are creating by doing this. I think it is wrong for scientists to try to create a human life.

  • I think that there should be a ban on human cloning.

    I think that there should be a ban on human cloning. Individualism could be undermined because the clone might feel like he or she is not important because they aren't a special and unique person, they are just a clone of another human being. They might not be able to have the same rights.

  • Cloning Undermines Individualism

    Individualism is barely alive in this day and age. Unfortunately, cloning would further hurt individualism in general. There's no reason that we should clone human beings because countless consequences would harm the integrity of humanity. With that in mind, cloning is a bad idea as far as cloning entire humans goes.

  • Individualism will be undermined by cloning.

    Human cloning will undermine the basic dignity of human life and it will also damage the idea of individualism. It is fundamentally unnatural for people to be able to make clones of themselves. Lawmakers should ban cloning in all its forms in order to preserve the basic rights of people who are alive already.

  • People need to be unique

    If human genes are being cloned than people stop being unique. Evolution would stop happening, Since you need someone to be different or have different genes that make them better than the rest of the population. Plus altering a newborns genes or controlling them is playing god and should be left up to chance.

  • Cloning is playing God

    Yes, individualism will be undermined. Cloning is playing God and creating something that is unnatural. It takes away from originality and individuality. It could also cause many problems with society. There would be confusion with identity and that could lead to problems in society, law, relationships, and many other areas.

  • Twins have the same genes.

    Identical twins share the same genetic makeup, yet they are still considered two separate people. What makes a person who they are is their upbringing and experiences in life. Physical traits are not actually what define a human being, how this is truly determined is through beliefs, ideals, and actions.

  • Clones Can't Be the Same Person.

    An individuals personality, mental stability, or whatever makes them different, is decided by their environment. The parent can only do so much to make their child like them, and the same goes for the genetic donor. They will look the same as the donor, but they will be just like twins, two different personalities. Plus, cloning will only be used to make babies for people who need them, like if someone is infertile and wants a baby or if the woman has a genetic disease. Because of this, any fear of lack of diversity or individualism should be nonexistent.

  • People Gain Individualism Through Environment & Experience.

    A cloned human could be born with the same physical and mental conditions as the original human, but the clone's consciousness and personal thoughts would be totally different as their experiences and environment would be different. Therefore, individualism would not be undermined due to the fact the individualism cannot be taken away just because a person's genetic code matches another.

  • Clones Aren't the Same Person

    A human clone won't undermine individualism. A clone won't have the same mind or soul as the genetic donor. Clones may look like someone else and have the exact same DNA, but their minds won't have the same memories as the donor. Clones will advance science in many ways, but they won't undermine individualistic tastes.

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