Ban on in-flight phone calls: Should in-flight phone calls be banned?

  • Moments of Peace

    As a business traveler, I look forward to those precious few hours where I can be "off the grid." It is such a relief to be disconnected from my cell phone for a few hours. Also, importantly, no one wants to be forced to sit next to someone incessantly jabbering on their cell phone during a flight.

  • No, in- flight phone calls should not be banned

    I don't think that in-flight phone calls should be banned because there can always be some sort of emergency between any one passenger and access to a helpful source is crucial. If you know or are expecting a critical medication while you are on the plane and have forgotten to bring with you, a call from a cell phone, a text or an email can help save your life to transfer important information to a source that can readily provide it for you.

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