Ban on laser pointers: Is a ban more sensical than restrictions?

  • Just get rid of them

    We're not at a point that anybody technologically can still really say it's essential that they have a laser pointer. Since we live in a country that about half of things guns are the greatest thing in existence and shockingly that has led to a few shootings, people are a little on edge and having red dots pop up in public is not funny, it could get somebody trying to make a dumb joke get killed.

    Nobody really needs them anymore, I had my fun as a teenager too but it's not the same world now.

  • A ban of laser pointers is the best way to deal with the problem

    It is to the point in this society that the best way to deal with the inability of an individual to practice self control is to restrict the masses. So many people cannot control themselves it makes more sense to make a blanket ban then to ask them to restrict their behavior in public. Harsh and sad but effective.

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